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From:"Zajic Kari"

Rene` for Histonet president!! :)

he always has all the answers!!! yay! thanks Rene`! :)

Kari Marie Zajic HTL,MLT
Histology Supervisor
Palms West Hospital

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Fellow Histonetters:
  I though you may want to read this e-mail I received from Linda Margraf, to know the reason behind what kept all of us without our "daily dosis of the addictive Histonet".
  René J.

  Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 08:47:42 -0500
Subject: Re: [Histonet] Histonet down???

It turns out the problem is with the university email system. They changes some filters and have been blocking all outgoing email from the server. I was still receiving messages from Histonet so it took a while to realize what the problem was. They are working on it and I hope it will be fixed soon. You are on the list and will start getting mail when the filters are fixed. Thanks for your patience. Linda M
Histonet administrator

>>> Rene J Buesa 09/19/06 9:24 AM >>>
Histonet server:
Myself and several user have not received any e-mails via Histonet for several days. Also the archival pages have not been updated since 9/13/06.
Is Histonet out of service?
Please advise
René J. Buesa

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