[Histonet] The procedure that substitues xylene with mineral oil.

From:"PhiHo Hoang"


	I am a new subscriber to this list and I am reading
	the list archive.

	I came across a posting from René J. responding to
	a request from Sharon:

  I am sending privately a procedure I have that substitutes xylene with
mineral oil. It is 100 times less toxic than xylene and 3 times cheaper.
  René J.

Sharon Allen  exchange.hsc.mb.ca> wrote:
Does anyone use xylol substitutes, if so how good are they?
We do CJD testing & "the powers that be" don't like to pay for getting rid
of contaminated xylol. I don't want to have to start testing different
substitutes, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
sallen <@t> hsc.mb.ca

	I am interested in this procedure.

	It is very much appreciated if I can get a copy
	of that procedure.

	Best regards,


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