[Histonet] Protcol request for whole mount staining of trachea

From:sohail ejaz

Dear All
  I am currently screening DKK1 transgenic mice for their effect on tracheal vasculature using the whole mount immunoflouresence.
  I am using Cd31 antibody for that and everything is going well when i do it with retinal whole mount staining but when it comes to trachea, i cant see any blood vessels. What i am thinking is that i am not getting enough penetration.
  Is there anyone who could kindly guide me a complete protocol for whole mount immunoflouresence of trachea.
  Dr.Sohail Ejaz
  Vascular signalling group
  Institut für Kardiovaskuläre Physiologie
  Fachbereich Medizin der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität,
  Theodor-Stern-Kai 7                          
  D-60590 Frankfurt am Main               

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