Re: [Histonet] pH of HIER

From:Rene J Buesa

  When a run does not "work" you should be able to troubleshoot. If you do not exactly know what has happened you cannot troubleshoot.
  If you did not know what the pH was, this could be part of the problem.
  This is why you should determine the pH How accurately you do that depends on what is available to you.
  At least a good pH paper with close scale will be helpful.
  Yes, you should determine the pH It is just a few seconds and a lot of peace of mind.
  René J.

donna rossi  wrote:
Does anyone out there take the pH of their retrieval
solutions ( CITRA, EDTA) after they have been diluted from the
concentrated form? Is this necessary or should we just document the
pH from the company for the concentrated Retrieval ? Thanks, Donna,
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