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Hi Mike,
      Since "Leitz-Wetzler"  is a Leica Microscope, I suggest you try the
web The web site will give you the chance  to
ask your question and refer the question to our UK office for a more
localized  answer.
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                                       [Histonet] Parts for Laborlux 12    
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Hi All

I acquired a Leitz-Wetzlar Laborlux 12 microscope with fluorescence
attachments during a recent pathology lab clear-out.

It's a bit old but in good condition, so I am renovating it.

Does anyone have a trinocular head, with C mount or SLR camera (esp.
Canon) that would be suitable for this unit, that they are willing to
part with or swap for the binocular head? Know anyone who might?



Michael Doube  BPhil BVSc MRCVS
PhD Student
Dental Institute
Queen Mary, University of London
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London  E1 1BB
United Kingdom

Phone +44 (0)20 7377 7000 ext 2681

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