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From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

I absolutely detest upright ultra lows.  When you open them, all the cold 
air falls out,condensed ice on the jamb falls on the floor, and you don't 
have much time to search for what is buried under someone else's Popsicles 
before it starts to go out of spec.  I much prefer the chest type (coffin) 
freezers.  The cold air stays in, and they're easier to search.   I 
currently have two uprights and one chest freezer - one of the uprights is 
trying to die - I can hardly wait so I can get another coffin.  The one 
drawback is space.  The coffins take up a lot of room. 
Jackie O'

"Y. Wang" 
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09/21/2005 03:38 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] ultralow freezer

Hi everyone,

Can people tell me if they have a chest or upright ultra low freezer and 
which they prefer. A colleague is looking for a small ultra low. Also, any 

particular recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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