Re: [Histonet] removing silver from counters, etc.

From:Gayle Callis

Put a concentrated solution of i.e 10% or more sodium thiosulfate on top of 
the silver spot, could be a cloth or paper towel soaked in this, and check 
the progress.    I recovered a damaged blouse this way years ago.

  I also suggest using tabletop "diapers" or bench protectors (disposable) 
to prevent spills onto surfaces on the future, a simple paper towel works 

At 07:23 AM 9/23/2005, you wrote:
>Happy Friday everyone.
>Can somebody remind me what solutions will remove silver nitrate from 
>cabinets, floors, counters, etc.?
>Bleach just changes these spots to different shades of brown.  I remember 
>using solution from hair perms in the past  but I am sure that there are 
>other reliable ways.
>Thanks for any advice.  Our lab is starting to resemble a dalmation!  You 
>know how silver solution likes to migrate from the coplin jars!
>Thoughts and prayers go out to Gulf Coast residents.
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