Re: [Histonet] cryostat decontamination

I recently attended Gloria Limetti's seminar at NSH about cryostat and  
microtome features.  She is from the University of Pitssburgh.   Attendees were 
given an extensive spreadsheet listing which features were  available on which 
models.  In an effort not to come across as  non vendor specific, Gloria 
assigned all the companies letters.  Just  looking over the features, it's fairly 
easy to decipher which company is  which.  I don't have my copy in front of me 
now but I believe there are 7  models with various types of decontamination 
systems offered.
Hacker Instruments SL5000 is one of the units that is available with an  
automatic decontamination feature, perhaps Gloria will post the names of the  
other companies.
As for UV decontamination, it is my understanding the the UV light is only  
effective on the surfaces of the cryostat and microtome chamber where the light 
 actually comes into contact.  Nooks and cranies would still need to be  
wiped down manually.  As with Vinnie, I would be interested in reading  a study or 
two on it's effectiveness in histology applications.
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