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A couple of things, for reorientation of sections, we use the Erie Polysine 
slides (poly l lysine coating) that lets us manipulate sections on slide at 
waterbath. Plus Charge are silane and once the section is attracted to 
slide surface, you are done!

Do you use Tween or a detergent in your buffers/diluents before chromogen 
application and throughout the staining procedure? If not what you may be 
experiencing is hydrophobic bonding interactions between tissue and reagent 
proteins (BSA, serums) and ionic interaction of chromogen to slide surface, 
which the detergent will eliminate giving cleaner results. 0.05% Tween 20 
is usually adequate to eliminate this problem.

We have used Erie's SuperFrost Plus Charge, their trademark and also 
Polysine for section manipulation problems for years, and love them.  We 
have used Plus charge slides stored long past expiration date without any 
problems with IHC or other routine staining.  What other manufacturers do 
for coating slides may vary from Erie products, one can only try them out 
to see if they work well.

As for tissue section damage, can you describe in further detail please?  I 
doubt this is caused by the slide coatings but some other problem.

At 02:33 AM 9/28/2005, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>OK so question regarding the superfrost slides.
>I use them for immunostaining and I remember a few years ago when cutting 
>sections and orientating them in the waterbath, if I got it wrong well bad 
>luck because the sections were well and truly stuck within a few seconds. 
>But now I can orientate them no problem, they lift off easily.
>Even though they look like most of the sections are still attached, I am 
>getting all this strange background immunostaining around the edges of the 
>tissues and sometimes it looks as though something has been damaging the 
>tissue around the edges as well. I remember a while ago there was some 
>discussion on superfrost slides on histonet but I cant remember what the 
>conclusion was.
>Has anyone noticed any changes with the superfrost slides, or do they 
>recommend one brand over another?
>We use Menzel brand and have tried two suppliers, and both the superfrost 
>and the superfrost plus slides.
>Thanks in advance.
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