Re: [Histonet] RNAse decontamination in cryostats

From:Gayle Callis

A friend who is an expert at LCM, dealing with collecting frozen sections 
for RNA work, wipes down the whole inside of the cryostat with 70% 
alcohol.  You could make this up with RNAas away if you wanted to.  She 
wipes down all surfaces, including under the sliding glass door/lid of the 
cryostat.  If you wish I will put you in contact with her - she is not a 
Histonet subscriber, so you can discuss any fine tuning of cryostat RNase 

01:28 PM 9/23/2005, you wrote:
>My question is similar to the current topic of discussion about
>decontaminating cryostats, except that I need to remove any potential RNAse
>activity.  I have been cleaning the disposable blade and the blade holder
>with 70% alcohol, which hasn't been shown to eliminate the pernicious little
>buggers, but the commercial products such as RNAse away (Ambion) etc, are
>water based and would freeze on the blade/blade holder which would make me
>suspicious of their effectiveness.  I am not able to continuously thaw the
>cryostat and then use the products, as I would like to do daily.  I am
>wondering if anyone has any ideas or potential products that would work.
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