Re: [Histonet] Ornithine Carbamyl Transferase in rat liver

From:John Kiernan

If nobody has replied, it's probably because nobody
understands your question. Volume 3 of the 4th edition
of Pearse's Histochemistry (1991) includes discussion of an
enzyme called ornithine carbamoyltransferase (EC
Is this the same as your "ornithine carbamyl transferase"?

Pearse gives two lead-precipitation methods for 
ornithine carbamoyltransferase activity, on 
pages 577-578. Mituzani is cited (various mid-1960s
papers) in Pearse's discussion of the techniques
(pages 163-165), but Pearse's recommended methods are 
from 1969 and 1983 papers with different authors.

Before doing anything in the lab, go to the library. 
Dig out Pearse vol 3 and check out all the references
about the enzyme. There about 20; an afternon's work. 
Next, use Scopus or Web of Science to find recent 
publications that cite the major papers about
histochemical localization of the enzyme. You will
almost certainly encounter recent improvements  to
the  method.

John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada.
----------------------- wrote:
> Dear All,
>                    I am wondering that i am not getting any feed back from
> histonetters regarding my posting on ornithine carbamyl transferase
> detection in rat liver. We need to standardize simple histochemical
> detection  Ornithine Carbamyl Transferase in rat liver. We got some
> references which are mentioning a technique called  "Mizutani technique for
> ornithine carbamoyltransferase detection in liver". If you are having any
> idea regarding this, we are in need of it.
> Regards
> kamalavenkatesh
> Wockhardt Research Center
> New Drug Discovery - Preclinical safety Evaluation
> India
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