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We are using microwave processing. We've had to process fatty tissues, lymph 
nodes and cell blocks on a standard VIP, but are using the Sakura Xpress for 
the rest. We've recently had a software and reagent update which will allow 
all tissues types to run on the standard 1.5 hour program.  There was some 
adjustment (still more to be made) with the folks that gross specimens 
however. Sometimes the tissues are still a bit too thick. Our pathologists 
come in between 7 and 8 am and leave mid-afternoon through early evening 
depending on the individual. We haven't made any changes in IHC or Special 
Stains methods. Oh, and for those that like to have their tissues tinted, 
the new Sakura process allows eosin to be added to the preprocessing 

Hope this helps.


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> Nice to see that everyone made it back from NSH and are doing well.  I 
> have a nice question that might start some serious discussion.  Microwave 
> proccessing!!!!  My question is how many people out there are doing it and 
> what issues did you have to work through to apply this technology to 
> everyday use???  How are you handling the testing of your immuno's since 
> you have to use tissue that has been run by the microwave proccessor??? 
> How is the transcription being done??? What time are the pathologist 
> coming in and how LATE are they staying??  Are you proccessing all tissue 
> type or only small biopies, breast biopsies, etc.?? What road block have 
> you come up against???  It this the rule to proccess all tissue or is this 
> the exception??  How are you handling reference lab consultation with your 
> tissue that is proccessed on the Microwave and sending it to a lab for 
> instance AFIP for consult and they only use the conventional proccessing?? 
> Is anyone out there doing both and how do they keep track of the different 
> types of tissue that have been proccessed within the different proccessor, 
> if you are indeed using both.  What additional costs did you do you have, 
> with there new product from the proccessor??
> Our pathologist came back and are now foaming at the mouth for this 
> technology.  We are not against this, but there are avenues that need to 
> be addressed, especially with IHC, FISH, and overall workflow.  Any help 
> would greatly be appreciated and needed at this time.
> Your in Formalin
> Jesus Ellin
> Yuma Regional Medical Center
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