Re: [Histonet] Fluorescent Illumination Systems: Suggestions please?

Hi Melissa,
I have used the Sutter xenon Lambda unit for a few years now and really
like it, The spectrum is much more even than a standard mercury bulb. I
have the model with the extended bandwidth so I could use it well into the
UV wavelengths but it does produce ozone which must be vented, I believe
they have another model that does not do this but has a higher minimum
wavelength. Your choice, depending what fluorochromes you want to light up.

Kevin Gibbon
QLT Inc.

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Hello all,
Sorry to re-post, but I only received one response to the following:
I am currently in the market to upgrade our existing HB0 100 lamp house,
which is very old, to several of new systems. Either the newest version of
the HB0 100 from Zeiss, a mercury halide system called X-Cite from EXFO, or
a xenon based burner called Lambda LS from Sutter Instruments. They are all
comparable in price, but my main concern is increasing the brightness of my
signal and evenly illuminating the field of view. I mostly look at DAPI,
eGFP, FITC, and Alexa 594, which from spectral outputs, each one of these
systems appears to have a different weakness in one of the above. On a
plus, the Xcite rates their bulbs at 1500 hours, and the Lambda at
Does anyone out there have any input/comments/experience with these
systems? (This would be hooked up to a Zeiss Axioplan) Please let me know
if you have any info, as I have been unsuccessful so far with demos and
need to place an order soon.

Thanks a lot -I really appreciate it,

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