Re: [Histonet] Dissolving Alizarin complexon

From:Gayle Callis

Have you tried a larger pore size, 0.45 um.or larger.  One could always get=20
the big particles first, then refilter again through smaller pore size if 
you felt it necessary.  I have had to do this with normal serums before 
when 0.22um clogs up.

Possibly, you could try centrifuging the stock solution, decant off the top=20
what you need and microfilter that portion just to eliminate the biggest 
particles before you go to microfilter.

Just suggestions here

   At 01:46 AM 9/28/2005, you wrote:
>Is there anyone who is familiar with dissolving alizarin complexon for 
>We inject this fluorochrome in our testanimals to monitor new 
>boneformation. Because of that we need to sterilize the solution. For this=20
>we push the solution through a 0,2 um millipore-filter. The problem is 
>that the filter gets clogged very fast. We've tried prefiltering through a=20
>paperfilter, but that doesn't solve the problem. Does anyone have a a 
>solution for this?
>Léon Driessen,
>Orthopaedic Research Lab
>UMCN St. Radboud, Nijmegen,
>The Netherlands
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