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From:"Richard Cartun"

Hi Sue:


1.  In general, CK5/6 (squamous cell CA & mesothelioma) and TTF-1 (pulmonary adenocarcinoma) stain different tumors.  Although I agree that alcohol fixation can be detrimental to certain proteins, I have had good luck with TTF-1 on cell blocks and alcohol-fixed direct cytology smears.  I like calretinin (Zymed polyclonal) for mesothelial cells.  Recently, a new marker "D2-40" has been used for mesothelioma with excellent results.  You may want to try CK5 from Novocastra; I like it better than CK5/6.

2.  We only use high molecular weight cytokeratin (clone 34BetaE12) for identifying basal cells in prostatic tissue.  Occasionally, we may order P504S.  I know many labs are routinely running multiple antibodies (even cocktails) for basal cells, but, in my opinion, this is unnecessary and only makes healthcare more expensive.  However, many labs may be getting suboptimal results for HMW-CK and this has forced them to use other basal cell markers.


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>>> "Kapoor, Sue"  09/16/05 09:46AM >>>
Hello everyone,
My doc just came back from a conference and has some questions pertaining to
CK 5/6....

1. Are folks finding better results using CK 5/6 on cellblock preparations
over using TTF-1 for     mesothelioma?  He was told that TTF-1 is adversely
affected by 95% alcohol fixation, does anyone know of this?

2. Is anyone finding better sensitivity for prostate basal cells over HMW-CK

Much thanks in advance!
Sue Kapoor, HT (ASCP)
Histology Coordinator
Kenosha Medical Center
Kenosha, WI

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