Re: [Histonet] 1% gelatin/40% etOH mounting solution

From:Maria Mejia


I have a few questions for you. Please, tell me what was the tissue 
fixed in?
What's the tissue that your working with? How thick are these sections? Are
these sections FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded)? And, finally what
do you plan to do with the sections, i.e. IHC or other?


Maria Bartola Mejia
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
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Brandon Munk wrote:

>I am trying to get fixed tissue sections to stick onto slides better. I have
>tried subbed slides, plus slides (subbed and un-subbed) with only mediocre
>results. I was recently given a recipe for a 1% gelatin in 40% etOH mounting
>solution. This seems to work wonderfully on un-subbed plus slides, but I am
>having much difficulty in keeping the gelatin in solution long enough for it
>to be useful for mounting my sections. The recipe consists of heating
>distilled water (not over 60C) dissolving gelatin (enough for a 1% final
>concentration) and adding 80% etOH in two steps to the cooling gelatin
>solution, half soon after gelatin goes into solution and the other half
>sometime into the cooling of the solution. The recipe is vague since there
>is probably some voodoo that goes along with it. I have tried about 10
>different variations on this recipe, none work consistently. Does anyone
>have some tips, pointers or advice to help me out, or even another recipe
>that may work better. Thanks in advance!
>Brandon Munk
>Dept. Zoology and Physiology
>University of Wyoming
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