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From:"Bartlett, Jeanine"

Hi Jan:
Currently we have a separate room containing our tissue processors and embedding centers.  We also have a large flammable storage cabinet in this room.  We have a separate room with our alcohol/solvent recycler and there is a large flammable storage cabinet in there as well.  We have 2 smaller flammable cabinets in routine lab space as well.
We are moving into a brand-new lab building this fall.  In the new lab we also will have separate rooms; one for the processors and embedding cetners and another for recycling.  I do not think there is flammable storage in the new processing room (it's pretty small) but there is in the recycling room.  I believe there will be at least one under-counter flammable storage in a main lab space as well.
Jeanine Bartlett
CDC, Atlanta

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	I hope this email finds everyone well,
	I have the opportunity to do some redesigning of our laboratory space.  I would like some feedback from some of the larger labs as to whether they have a separate room for their tissue processors and/or flammable storage.  If so, how is it separate from the main laboratory working space...wall, door, both?
	Any feedback would be appreciated.
	Melissa Jans
	University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
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