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The Vibratome Decontaminating cryostat turns into a dishwasher, and jet
sprays a solution of Perascope (periacetic acid plus other things)
around the fast thawed interior.  No UV.  Then a water solution that
rinses it all out and down the drain, then cold again.  All

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the implication here is that interior surfaces of the cryostat may be
wiped down with 70% ethanol while the unit is cold, in between
cases/uses or once daily, however you deem appropriate. 

full contamination with a tuberculocidal is to be done on a schedule you
deem appropriate, which would require taking the unit out of service and
returned to room temperature for the disinfecting procedure.

others on the list will be more familiar than I with the disinfecting
units offered by some manufacturers. I believe one uses UV light
although I'd wanted to see some reports in the literature verifying the
efficacy of UV at cryostat temperatures which I would assume the
manufacturer could provide


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>>> "Satterfield, Marirose"  
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CAP Checklist Question ANP.24250
Is there a documented procedure for the routine decontamination of the
cryostat at defined intervals, and are decontaminated records evident?

They note that the interior of the cryostat can be decontaminated with
70% ethanol. Later on they say it should be defrosted and decontaminated
with a tuberculocidal disinfectant at an interval appropriate for the
Are they suggesting that after each use it get decontaminated with the
70% ethanol and only periodically shut down unit and use the TB
M Satterfield

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