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From:Pamela Marcum

Thanks for the update Tim.  I know for years we have all been careful about 
using antigen retrieval due to the BioGenex issue.  They do have a patent 
on the one tyoe and it was spread to all for a while.

Pam Marcum

At 01:12 PM 9/26/2005, Morken, Tim - Labvision wrote:
>It's true that most papers by Shi et al are on high-temperature antigen
>retrieval, but in their book on antigen retrieval (Antigen retrieval
>Techniques, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology, ed. Shan-Rong Shi
>et al, Eaton Publishing, 2000) they make clear that the term "antigen
>retrieval" should cover all types -enzyme, heat, or other. In fact they make
>a plea for everyone publishing methods to use the term "antigen retrieval"
>so matter what the method so that databases are easy to search. With the
>plethora of terms used to decribe the methods it is nearly impossible to
>find all the methods developed in the past 14 years. Part of the reason for
>people using all the different terms was the assumption by many that
>BioGenex had trademarked the term. BioGenex did apply for a trademark, but
>then withdrew it. So the term is open to all to use. However, BioGenex does
>have a patent on a very specific method of antigen retrieval, and some
>antigen retrieval buffer formulations.
>Tim Morken
>Lab Vision - Neomarkers
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>Maria, can you give chapter and verse for the Shi/Taylor
>and Puchrler/Meloan papers? Most papers with Shi and Taylor among the
>authors are about high temperature antigen retrieval (boiling water, with pH
>optima for various antigens).
>Holde Puchtler and Susan Meloan published many imortant papers about
>staining ad histochemistry in the 1970s=1980s. Susan M
>was a histonetter in the 1990s.
>Maria Mejia wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I believe it was sometime in June of this year that there was a
> > discussion on the histonet regarding "the simplest form" of reversing
> > the effects for formalin fixation on tissue was to wash the tissue
> > well (before) processing.
> >
> > Well, I just read the article "Antigen retrieval IHC: Past, Present, &
> > Future by Shan-Rong Shi, richard J. Cote & Clive R. Taylor (can google
> > this article). It's
> > a very interesting! Anyway, the article has a section titled non-heating
> > AR method stating (this) same simple method by (Puchtler & Meloan). It
> > goes on to say that Elias JM (1990) adopted this method routinely by
> > deparaffinized in fresh changes of 10% sucrose/PBS @ 4C overnight (before)
> > IHC.
> >
> > My questions are, does anyone know or tried this method used by Elias?
> > And, can anyone explain the mechanism of 10% sucrose/PBS play in this
> > AR method?
> >
> > Just curious!
> >
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