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From:"Ingles Claire"

Gee, I guess I have to talk to my boss about a raise... I work in Madison, Wisc (Home of Dr. Mohs) and I only get $19.45/hr. I have am lead tech, have an HTL, and 4 years experience with 1 of those in Mohs. Darn these big hospitals. :) I have actually gotten a total of about $3/hr. raise this year though. Go unions!
Claire Ingles
UW West MOHS Clinic 
Madison WI

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	I live in Portland, Or and the salary here is about 36-39 grand a year, but I am not ASCP certified.  I make about $3-4 dollars less than a certifed tech.  Hope that helps.
	>>> "Snyder, Wendy"  9/29/2005 8:37 AM >>>
	 My hospital is in the process of starting a Moh's Surgery program.  We will
	be hiring an experienced Moh's histotech, HT(ASCP) soon.  I know the demand
	for such a position is high.  Could anyone give me an idea of the salary
	range that a histotech gets paid for doing Moh's frozen sections?  I would
	really appreciate it.
	Wendy Snyder HT(SCP)
	United Hospital Center
	Carksburg, WV 26301
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