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I have a new Leica ASP 300 and love it.  You can set the processor to
the supervisor mode (you don't have to enter a supervisor password if
you leave it in this mode all the time) therefore you will not need a
password.  The supervisor symbol is the  "red shirt" symbol (found in
the upper right corner) or on the "Smart Screen" on the right bottom
next to the "I" symbol for information. The "operator mode" is a "yellow
shirt". The password is only needed when the processor is in the
operator mode (operator is limited to access to certain functions). I
run mine in the supervisor mode all the time. I have different programs
set to end on different days....overnight, weekend, 3 day weekend, etc.
You can select which station that you want the specimens to be held in
for the delay, if you wish. This processor is very versatile and I find
it easy to use.  Did they not give you an Owner's Manual to help you?
This processor is one of the easiest to use once the system is set up
for your processing schedules and the reagent management system is
great.  It is a shame that your Leica Sales Representative hasn't been
of more help.  I have had great support from my representative and from
the office in Chicago during my "learning phase".  The contact that I
have at the Chicago Office for help is:  Mari Ann Mailhiot, 800-248-0123
ext. 7267.  She has been most helpful. 

Let me know if I can be of further help.



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Hi all!

I am looking to purchase a tissue processor for my plastics histo lab.
My processing schedules are usually more than 24 hrs long, sometimes
much longer.  Does anyone know which is a better, friendlier, simpler
processor out there.  Currently, I have a Leica on demo and I can't just
tell the machine to get it done by a certain time of the day (be it 2
day 3 day or 5 days later) and expect the machine to know to delay the
process at station 1.  The support person at Leica told me to go to
Programs and select the day I want the blocks to come out and then it
will know to go on delay mode.  But when I tried to do that it asked for
the supervisor password.
We don't have supervisors so no job functions are limited to supervisors
only besides my lab is a one person lab.  One might argue that once I
purchased it I will authorize my own password and that step becomes a
routine.  But a little bit of history here....  Currently we have an old
Sakura tissue tek and it is definitely more intelligent than the new
Leica ASP 300, I tell it when to spit out the blocks and it knows to sit
in station 1 for however long.  Plus all  my schedules are always more
than 24 hrs, so using the Leica ASP 300 will always involve that extra
two-three step programming, Plus it is not easy to get Leica personnel
to return your phone calls!  So I am wondering if Sakura processor is
more user friendly.

Any thoughts from you will be appreciated...thanks!

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