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How long do you air dry the slides? Have you tried to fix the slides in
acetone? Is the 10% formalin cold when you fix the slides? How thick are
the sections?
I really don't see a problem with the Periodic acid, the Schiffs or the
water rinses, but I believe your acid solution is too concentrated after
your counterstaining. Have you tried 1% acid/alcohol (70% alcohol)?


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Subject: [Histonet] Frozen tissue washing from slide

I'm hoping someone can give me some idea why frozen muscle sections
suddenly start washing away from slide while trying to do PAS w/wo
Other muscle panel stains do okay in staining process.....just the PAS
w/wo is  
recently having problems.
-We use superfrost plus slides
-Sections are fixed in 10% formalin prior to stain
-Most water rinses are DI.  Only one tap water rinse step right after  
amylase digest.
-Does periodic acid have to be room temp prior to staining?
-Could Shiffs reagent be too cold?
-does temperature of water rinses affect adherance of sections to
-We use a 10% acid water rinse after heme staining.  I recall if acid
is made incorrectly, tissue sections could wash much like they do if
water in H+E stain is too strong.
Thanks for any thoughts and help.
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