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From:"James Watson"

I was contacted today by the sales person that told me that Biocare sold
a Citraconic anhydride antigen retrieval solution and was informed that
she was misinformed about the make up of the new antigen retrieval
solution.  She apologized for the misinformation. And I apologize for
repeating it. 

For my experience with using 0.05% Citraconic per the Namimatsu,
Ghazizadeh, and Sugisaki paper J Histochem Cytochem 53:3-33,2005 paper:
I have found in preliminary testing that it works well on many
antibodies that I normally use citrate buffer pH 6.0 or tris/EDTA pH 9.0
, but on some antibodies stronger signal can be seen using other
retrieval solutions.  The testing continues.

James Watson HT, ASCP
Facilities Manager of Histology
GNF, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Room C015

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My apologies in advance for those of you on both listserves...

In one of my IHC workshops at the NSH, the subject of citraconic
anhydride came up.  Apparently a couple of people have tried it but
didn't get the dramatic effects as seen in the JHC paper.  Somebody
mentioned one company has this commercially available, and I'm
interested if this is true, which company, and any experiences using
this chemical, commercial or otherwise.  'Tis a nasty chemical, and one
I may well be staying away from.

Best wishes,

Teri Johnson
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Stowers Institute for Medical Research
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