[Histonet] re: Fluorescent Illumination Systems

From:"Carl Hobbs"

I recently upgraded my three Axioskops/verts from 50W mercury to EXfo's 
XCite 100W lamps. I have no regrets and highly recommend them: we use DAPI, 
Hoechst, Alexas 488 and 594 routinely. To me,  the 100W mercury vapour lamps 
still have the"edge" over the Xcite lamps( I have one as well) in 
brightness, tho. But, given the ease of use, the longevity of the lamps and 
the evenness of the illumination field I would recommend the Xcite lamps.
NB: they create fan-  noise, tho! Particularly the older ones; their new 
models are much quieter Test one out, anyway. 

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