[Histonet] Tricks of the Trade.

From:Rene J Buesa

The Journal of Histotechnology(JOH) has a new section titled "Tricks of the Trade" (TOT) that will edit and publish those things that we all do in order to circumvent problems during grossing, cassetting, fixing, processing, cutting or staining, in order to obtain an "end product" of better quality for patient care or any research activity we may be involved with.
This section cannot succeed if you are not willing to help your fellow histotechs by sending us your TOTs.
Whatever you do that you know helps in your work we would like to know about. You don't have to elaborate, just a phrase containing a brief description, like: I add some drops of liquid detergent in the water bath to help the paraffin sections to expand, will be enough.
After we receive your TOTs they will be sorted, classified and edited for publication in the JOH with acknowledgement of those providing the TOTs.
At this moment I have been assigned the task of seeking for TOTs, and would like to receive them at my e-mail address, along with the e-mail address of each contributor so I can acknowledge receipt and keep updating about the "destiny" of each TOT.
Every two weeks I intend to post in Histonet a summary of the TOTs received as an additional motivation for contributions and to share with all my fellow histotechs the TOTs we have.
We at the JOH are very excited about this new feature and expect to receive your cooperation in this endeavor aimed at providing better means of work to all.
Rene J. Buesa
(for the Editorial Board of the JOH).

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