[Histonet] RE: antigen retrieval for IHC

From:"C.M. van der Loos"

   Dear Patsy and others,

   Recently  we did  something  similar  with a tonsil that was cut in 10
   pieces  and  formalin-fixed from 12 hours up to one year. Per fixation
   time  three  samples  were  taken for a tissue array. For example, our
   staining  results  showed that at least caspase-3 nicely stained the 1
   year-fixed  tissue  sample.  Ki67-staining  "died"  after  3 months of

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   Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 09:58:46 -0600
   From: "Patsy Ruegg" 
   Subject: RE: antigen retrieval for IHC

               Shi  mentions  in  his  book  on pg.10 ANTIGEN RESTORATION
   bathing  deparaffinized sections in a cold 20% sucrose-saline solution
   over several days, restore a certain amount of immunoreactivity."
   In  Introduction  to  IHC by Polak and Van Noorden on pg 24 3.8.1 "The
   form  of  reversing the effects of formalin is to wash the tissue well
   I am about to test these statements, as I just received tissues for an
   project  that  have  been  in 10% NBF for over one year.  I washed the
   in  running tap h20 for 2 hrs., I will now process them into paraffin.
   I am
   planning as well to put some of the sections in 20% sucrose at 4dc for
   days  if  I have trouble getting good IHC signal.  I will keep you all
   on  this  experiment.   These  are samples of mouse mammory tissue.  I
   will be
   testing them with cleaved caspase 3 ! and Ki67
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