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From:Kathy Cormier

Hello All,

We have used this a few times here. We have not had the same significant 
difference in staining intensity that the authors of the paper had. This 
may be in large part to the "newbie tech" who performed the IHC here. I 
think in more experienced hands that this probably will work better. It is 
nasty stuff though, so be very careful. I did call Biocares' tech services 
and they claimed that none of the retrieval soln's that they have contain 
this chemical. Perhaps someone else carries it?

Kathy Cormier
Histology Necropsy Supervisor
Division of Comparative Medicine

At 09:48 AM 9/20/2005 -0600, Patsy Ruegg wrote:
>It was mentioned that one of the BioCare retrieval reagents was made with
>this, not sure which one, I did ask if precautions came with it and they
>said they did.  Sounds nasty to me as well, I will stear clear.
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>My apologies in advance for those of you on both listserves...
>In one of my IHC workshops at the NSH, the subject of citraconic anhydride
>came up.  Apparently a couple of people have tried it but didn't get the
>dramatic effects as seen in the JHC paper.  Somebody mentioned one company
>has this commercially available, and I'm interested if this is true, which
>company, and any experiences using this chemical, commercial or otherwise.
>'Tis a nasty chemical, and one I may well be staying away from.
>Best wishes,
>Teri Johnson
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>Stowers Institute for Medical Research
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