[Histonet] Pap Pen Blues

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Hello All,

I have used Zymed Mini Pap pens for years now as through trials and 
tribulations and talking with coworkers we agreed it was the best out 
there. The pen rarely came up or leaked and gave beautiful results. 
Even withstood heat retrieval in DAKO Target Retrieval Solution with 
no problems. The stuff was indestructible!!

This is until recently ... I have noticed with the past several 
orders that the formula has changed. The pap pen "ink" is now a blue 
green in color (used to be more generic yellow/beige) and it does not 
stay on well at all. I end up going home in a state of frustration 
every day as I pap pen hundreds of slides with little success for the 
entirety of my experiment. Arggggh!

So I have two questions:

(1) Has anyone else noticed this change in formula over the past year 
or so? (It may have been longer as I was working with a stock of pap 
pens before that)
(2) Who makes your favorite pap pen?


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