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From:"pam marcum"


Good Morning,


I have just returned from the NSH meeting. I was surprised to find out the
Histology Assistant or HA category recently presented to the NSH board and
refused with a letter is moving forward. No one had told the general
membership of NSH or ASCP or had it been explained to them in full.


It is important for those of us who have worked so hard to get the new the
education rules set in place to understand what this new registry will be
and how it will affect us as professionals. This is an aid position that is
OJT (on the job training) and will mean the pathologist, hospital or other
private histology laboratory will be able to avoid having more than
registered HT or HTL in the laboratory. The fully registered HT or HTL can
then be used as the supervisor or manager and responsible for all the HAs
work. This will aid in maintaining the lower pay scale we currently enjoy
and help prevent us raising our overall image as professionals. 


Please find out more about this and respond to the ASCP/BOR with comments
about this new category. The only way any of us will be heard is to let ASCP
know what we think and I hope many of you will join me in letting them know
we do not want to go back to the 1960s and 70s when we were all OJT and the
pay is still reflecting it. (By the way I was OJT and have worked hard to
improve my skills since then) We have worked hard for over thirty years to
begin to be recognized as professionals not just techs! DO NOT let this stop
us now so the pathologists at ASCP and AMA can continue to treat Histology
as minor part of the laboratory. Histology has changed and will continue to
make strides forward that require more education not less. 


The board of NSH did send a letter to the ASCP and tell them they would not
approve this category. It is a personal feeling however, I think the Board
of NSH should have notified the membership about this immediately, as a
letter is not sufficient to protect us or respond as members of both NSH and
ASCP. Again, write ASCP/BOR about your feelings if this important to you.


Second point Cathy Locallo put a motion forward at the House of Delegates to
request a Task Force to see if there is way to get histologists (HT and HTL)
working for the federal government recognized as professionals and here we
have a new way with the HA registry to keep us status quo. By the time the
task force is in place and moving we will be down a rung again.


Pamela Marcum 

(This is a reflection of my opinion not my employer or any other person.)



Pam Marcum

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