[Histonet] Leica or Sakura?

From:Jeannie G Emmanuel

Hi all!

I am looking to purchase a tissue processor for my plastics histo lab.  My
processing schedules are usually more than 24 hrs long, sometimes much
longer.  Does anyone know which is a better, friendlier, simpler processor
out there.  Currently, I have a Leica on demo and I can't just tell the
machine to get it done by a certain time of the day (be it 2 day 3 day or 5
days later) and expect the machine to know to delay the process at station
1.  The support person at Leica told me to go to Programs and select the
day I want the blocks to come out and then it will know to go on delay
mode.  But when I tried to do that it asked for the supervisor password.
We don't have supervisors so no job functions are limited to supervisors
only besides my lab is a one person lab.  One might argue that once I
purchased it I will authorize my own password and that step becomes a
routine.  But a little bit of history here....  Currently we have an old
Sakura tissue tek and it is definitely more intelligent than the new Leica
ASP 300, I tell it when to spit out the blocks and it knows to sit in
station 1 for however long.  Plus all  my schedules are always more than 24
hrs, so using the Leica ASP 300 will always involve that extra two-three
step programming, Plus it is not easy to get Leica personnel to return your
phone calls!  So I am wondering if Sakura processor is more user friendly.

Any thoughts from you will be appreciated...thanks!

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