[Histonet] Job Opportunity in MA

From:"Denise Piontek"

   Contract Research Organization specializing  in  biocompatibility  and
   toxicity    studies   for   the   medical  device  and  pharmaceutical
   industries  is   in   need   of  a   full-time,  experienced histology
   technician or histotechnologist due to major expansion.
             The person, as a team player, will work with other histology
   technicians,  veterinarian,  pathologist,  Study Directors, and animal
   technicians to produce quality work.
     Responsibilities will include:
       * Trimming / grossing of tissues and organs harvested at

       * Embedding and processing of tissues
       * Microtomy
       * Routine H&E staining, special stains as required and special
         techniques as attained
       * Maintain and/or  create GLP documentation as necessary,

         including relative SOPs and histology records
       * ISO regulated facility
       * Assist in necropsy procedures as necessary
       * Maintain wet tissue archive
       * Data evaluations of various project aspects
       * Great opportunity to increase or use anatomy skills
   Experience   and  an  AS  degree  are  required. Research  experience,
   certification   by   the ASCP   (or  eligible), and/or experience with
   animal tissues are strongly   preferred. Fully  automated  laboratory,
   experience  with  equipment a plus. Willingness to learn, attention to
   detail,  proficiency  with computers, good organizational  skills, and
   well-developed time
   management skills are also desired. Salary is commiserate         with
   experience.  Competitive benefits.  Position is M-F 7AM to 4 PM or 8AM
   to 5 PM. We are located just outside of Boston, MA.
     Please submit resumes to:
     Human Resources
     Toxikon Corporation
     15 Wiggins Ave.
     Bedford, MA  01730
     Email your resume to: [1]hr@toxikon.com
     Visit us on the web at [2]www.toxikon.com

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   1. http://by24fd.bay24.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=e752b25041c2d8a23271caeb4e225dcb56d27008f1b7b3264bb774f89eacbb1d&mailto=1&to=hr@toxikon.com&msg=MSG1125799332.18&start=4868040&len=5464&src=&type=x
   2. http://www.toxikon.com/
   3. http://g.msn.com/8HMAENUS/2746??PS=47575
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