[Histonet] Fluorescent cytoplasmic marker

From:"Pixley, Sarah (pixleysk)"

 Dear Histonetters:
I need an antibody (or a stain) that will label all of the cytoplasm of
every cell. For example, a reliable (and hopefully cheap) antibody
against some common housekeeping protein that we can then localize with
a fluorescent secondary antibody. I want to be able to use the confocal
microscope to visualize the entire cytoplasm of every cell, because we
are asking questions about where the cells are relative to an unusual
substrate. We have tried staining for alpha and beta tubulin and the
filamentous staining is just not sufficient. We want to fill the
cytoplasm with a fluorescent marker. And we don't want to have to
transfect the cells or inject them. These are mouse cells.
Sarah Pixley
Univ. Cincinnati

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