[Histonet] Antigen retrieval NeuN

From:frederico azevedo

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know the best antigen retrieval method to mark NeuN in human=20
tissue? Ive already tried some described by literature but Ive got only 
weak imunostaining. I am using mouse monoclonal anti-Neun (Chemicon) as 
primary, an anti-mouse biotinilated secondary, ABC and VIP as chromogen. In=20
rat, all neuronal nucleous are heavily stained therefore in human tissue...=20
The brains Im using are fixed in paraformaldehyde 4% for about 3 months and 
I try to mark 15 micrometers frozen sections...
Is there any other neuronal nuclear marker for human tissue that is really=20

Frederico A. C. Azevedo,
Dept. of Anatomy - Neuroplasticity
UFRJ, Brasil.
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