[Histonet] 1% gelatin/40% etOH mounting solution

From:Brandon Munk


I am trying to get fixed tissue sections to stick onto slides better. I have
tried subbed slides, plus slides (subbed and un-subbed) with only mediocre
results. I was recently given a recipe for a 1% gelatin in 40% etOH mounting
solution. This seems to work wonderfully on un-subbed plus slides, but I am
having much difficulty in keeping the gelatin in solution long enough for it
to be useful for mounting my sections. The recipe consists of heating
distilled water (not over 60C) dissolving gelatin (enough for a 1% final
concentration) and adding 80% etOH in two steps to the cooling gelatin
solution, half soon after gelatin goes into solution and the other half
sometime into the cooling of the solution. The recipe is vague since there
is probably some voodoo that goes along with it. I have tried about 10
different variations on this recipe, none work consistently. Does anyone
have some tips, pointers or advice to help me out, or even another recipe
that may work better. Thanks in advance!

Brandon Munk
Dept. Zoology and Physiology
University of Wyoming

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