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          Well, depending on the salt it was nerves or toning. There 
was me, late sixties, three piece suit with collar and tie, any 
mother would be proud. Sent to buy a couple of lemons for the gold 
staining (ok, deposition). Then the Celtic gene would kick in and I 
would return via a bar for a quick pint and funny thing, the chief 
technician always knew. Maybe it was the stupid look on my face or me 
making noises at the girls in the lab. Ah, girls in the lab, mmmmm, 
memories memories.

>What exactly were you doing with gold chloride as a boy?
>have a great day.
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>          All I do is store in an amber bottle at ambient temperature.
>Been doing it since I was a boy with no detriment.
> >Fellow histologists,
> >
> >We currently prepare gold chloride rather than purchase the prepared liquid.
> >Does gold chloride need to be refrigerated after preparation?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Jerry
> >
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