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From:"Rebecca Barnhart"

We are also a small hospital (1 pathologist, 1.5 histo tech and 1 cyto
tech).  We are just the opposite, we did not use to go to but know we
do.  The pathologist goes and either myself or the cyto tech goes along
to help.  The pathologist will look at the slides and tell the
radiologist if the sample was good enough for a diagnosis.  This
eliminates the patient having to be stuck several times if the first
sample is diagnostic.  

Becky Barnhart, HT (ASCP)

>>>  9/9/2005 2:48:48 PM >>>
We used to go to the radiology department to receive specimens.  
However, we are a small hospital pathology department with only 2 
techs (day shift) and someone was not always available to assist.  So 
we wrote up complete, simple instructions on how to handle the 
specimens, order them, and deliver them to the lab.  They do a fine 
job without us.

Angie Barnett, HTL(ASCP)
Grady Memorial Hospital
Pathology Department
2300 Iowa Street
Chickasha, OK  73018

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Date: Thursday, September 8, 2005 8:47 pm
Subject: [Histonet] fine needle aspirates assisting
> Maybe someone can give me some our hospital..when 
> there is a fine needle procedure the histotechs are asked to come 
> down with a tray and make the slides....spray them ...etc.  Is 
> this normal procedure??  Any help will  be appreciated.  Thank you!!
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