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It is to us.  We have a tool cart set up specifically for this.  It is
one of those red mechanic's cart that you buy at Sears, and we have it
stocked with all the supplies needed for FNA's.  While there are
histotechs in the department, we go to radiology and set up the cart and
get everything ready for the pathologist.  The cart makes it easy to
take the scope with you.  The pathologist does all the interacting with
the radiologist, but we are there to do any staining of smears and
handling of paperwork.  On the cart we have; H&E, Diff-Quick, and PAP
mini set-ups to please the palates of any of our 11 pathologists that
may be called upon to do the needle.  Now if we could get radiology to
stop calling us five minutes AFTER they need us, it could be a great
system.  After hours, when we are not here, the pathologist on-call
takes the cart and does the FNA by him/herself(we are not a 24hr
operation).  Hope this helps.  Feel free to give me a call.

Juan C. Gutierrez, HT(ASCP)
Histology Laboratory Supervisor

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Maybe someone can give me some our hospital..when there is
a fine needle procedure the histotechs are asked to come down with a
tray and make the slides....spray them ...etc.  Is this normal
procedure??  Any help will  be appreciated.  Thank you!!
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