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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

Depending on the type of FNAC we either leave it to them, if they are
experienced, or assist. Our Ultrasound guided Endoscopic FNAC of such
lesions as pancreas, gut, thorax, etc., requires the presence of a BMS
(me). I take the sample from the tip of the endoscope, with the help of
a colleague and prepare air-dried slides. My colleague stains a few from
each passage and 'washes' the tip in saline (it is re-used if needed on
the same Patient), I look at a Giemsa stained prep and tell the
Endoscopist if he has diagnostic material; if not he tries again, if he
has we stop. 

This reduces the risk of 'failure' but sometimes can be a bit
intimidating. I used to assist at CT directed FNAC lesions of the lung
and it was a bit 'hairy' asking the Radiologist to perform another due
to 'inadequacy' when you are watching a pneumo developing! Plus the
microscope was heavy!  

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Maybe someone can give me some our hospital..when there is
a fine needle procedure the histotechs are asked to come down with a
tray and make the slides....spray them ...etc.  Is this normal
procedure??  Any help will  be appreciated.  Thank you!!
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