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A small boy we were babysitting last weekend loves his yellow wellies. He wore nothing else on his feet all weekend.

Ali Nicoll

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Wellington boots, rubber boots that reach to your knees; I think
Wellington wore them at Trafalgar as he was worried about slipping on
the deck of his ship. If meant we beat the French and they are our
unofficial national emblem. 

It was a problem on those sailing vessels, blood and stuff made it
slippy so they invented rubber boots that stopped you slipping and
getting your feet wet. We all wear them in the UK, I have two pairs; one
green the other black. The black ones are for gardening and things, but
the green ones are for 'stepping out' in. People with horses wear green
wellies as they are 'upper class'. Wellies called 'Hunters' are the
'bees knees' of wellies; you can buy them off the Net from the UK.

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We know why bare feet would not be a good idea but I have to know:  what
are wellies? 

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