[Histonet] Re: frozen section trichrome


Steven Coakley (where?) is >>looking for a consistent protocol for a 
trichrome stain for [frozen sections].<<

I'd recommend the one-step trichrome that's used for skeletal muscle frozen 
sections. Like practically every other stain, it's associated with the hallowed 
name of George Gomori. The muscle stain was developed by W. King Engel 
(neurologist) and Guy Cunningham (histotechnologist) at the NIH about forty years 
ago, and it's sometimes referred to as the Engel-Cunningham variant of the 
Gomori trichrome stain. I think it's commercially available. - The one-step 
trichrome modifications for stool parasitology probably aren't suitable, but you 
could try.

Bob Richmond
Gaston Memorial Hospital, Gastonia NC
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