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From:"Lott, Robert"

The problem you are experiencing is a common one with commercial Giemsa
solutions.  Upon heating them a precipitate forms in the working


The solution to this problem was taught to me by one of the masters of
our craft... Charles Churukian, Supervisor of the Special Stains
Laboratory, University of Rochester Medical Center.  His recommendation
is to add about 0.5 - 1.0 ml of 10% Triton X-100 (a common laboratory
detergent) to the working solution(s) "before" heating them.  The
addition of the detergent results in "more distinct staining" of the
various cell types as well as acting as a stabilizer when heating the
Giemsa solution(s).  This apparent heating phenomenon does not occur if
the solutions are used at room temperature.


Try it and see how it works!!!


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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 15:26:04 -0400

From: "Gagnon, Eric" 

Subject: [Histonet] Giemsa bits...




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Hello Histonetters,


We have an intermittent problem with our Giemsa stain for helicobacter.
( We are using EMD Giemsa stain catalogue # R03055/74.)  The
intermittent problem is a diamond-shaped deposit over the slide which is
visible microscopically upon removal of slides from the warm solution.
Not sure if it is reagent-related or not. We have tried to standardize
all other factors i.e. pH, mechanical/technique variations among techs,
staining time, filtering etc.  Just wondering if anyone else out there
has had the same problem.  So far, pathologists are not complaining, as
they can see around it, but it would be nice to eradicate it!!


Thanks in advance,





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