[Histonet] B-Galactosidase Immuno Fluorescence

From:"Wragg, Andrew (NIH/NHLBI)"

I am trying to stain mouse femoral artery OCT frozen sections with anti B
Galactosiadase antibodies for immuno fuorescent imaging.
I am using  the ROSA26 mouse which expresses B Gal as my positive control.
I have not managed to find an antibody or set of conditions that work. I
have tried:
ab6161, ABCAM, Rabbit polyclonal
MAB3468, Chemicon, Mouse monoclonal

I have tried paraformaldehyde 4%, ice cold methanol and methanol/acetone

I have no problem with X Gal staining the tissues.

Many thnaks for any help in advance

Andrew Wragg
Cardiovascular Branch
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Bethesda, MD  20892
Tel:  (+1) 301-451-4506
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