Re: [Histonet] kidney/liver/spleen

What problems are you having? Looks like the tissues you are having trouble
with are all 'blood' tissues. Human or some other animal?
size of sample
fixed in what for how long?
ethyl-alcohols or 'other' for dehydration?
do you use xylene or xylene substitute?
what volumes are you using to dehydrate and clear?
Is the problem noticed before embedding?

bottom line..........what is your tissue doing or not doing that
constitutes "trouble processing"

I'm having a hard time processing kidney, liver and spleen tissue.  I do
the enter processing the old fashioned way (without a tissue processor).
Could I get any suggestions as to what would be a great protocol to use?
Thanks in advance!

Jennifer K. Sipes, RALAT
Sr. Laboratory Technician
Johns Hopkins University

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