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Dear List-Members

First I want to thank the people who kindly answered to my question about acid-resistant haematoxylin. I have a question about inmunohistochemistry. I have to make a inmuno to detect ATPase but then I would like to make another staining like PAS or H&E. Could these "counterstainins" affect the inmuno reaction or even cuould the inmuno response be lost or masked?. I want to distinguish to kinds of cells, both of then are positive to PAS but only one is positive to ATPase, I would like to show the two in the same picture. Any help or comentary would be appreciated

thanks in advance

José Luis

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> I think the usual substitute here is Weigert's Hematoxylin. It stains the=0D
> nuclei black. We use it at the beginning of Trichrom-stains.

> staining: 5 min (or more), differentiation with 0,5% HCl-Alk. (obtional),=0D
> blueing 5 min tapwater.


> working solution:

> Gieson A + Gieson B 1:1 (stable for one week, older solutions stain rather

> brownish than black)


> Gieson A:

> 10 g hematoxylin + 1000 ml 96% Alk. (allow to stand for one week)


> Gieson B:

> 40 ml 29% Ferric-chlorid

> 980 ml Aqua dest

> 10 ml 25% HCl


> greetings

> Gudrun



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> Dear List-members


> greetings. I would like to know if there is a substitute for the "celestine

> blue/hematoxylin" staining of nucleus that can resist a posterior acidic=0D
> counterstain. I need to apply a protocol that uses this nuclear staining=0D
> method but I dont have celestine blue and the company that suplies it says

> that it would last 2 months to supply the stain


> Thanks in advance


> José Luis


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