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From:"LaCinda Burchell"

Dear Reinhard,
We use Prefer fixative from Anatech Ltd, www.anatechltdusa.  We have
beautiful morphology, staining is wonderful (specials and immunos).  The
only down side of Prefer is that it affects the staining of eosinophils.
 We've recently learned how to get around that issue in human tissues,
but haven't figured it out in rat tissues.  Best of luck!  Cindy B

LaCinda Burchell, BA, AS, HT(ASCP)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical School
Asthma and Allergy Research IHC Lab
600 Highland Ave.  CSC  K4/913
Madison, Wisconsin  53792

Phone: 608-262-3518
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>>>  09/14/04 07:29AM >>>
Hi Histonetters,
We are looking for the most convenient and morpholgical satisfying
fixative for 
mouse and rat tissue beside formaldehyde. We want to stain a wide range
different immunomarkers but don' t like formalin (therefore) too much.
sections are too bad in morphology.
Please send me any suggestions !

Many thanks in advance,


PD Dr. med. Reinhard von Wasielewski

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