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Disagreements with your spouse?  What are those?  My husband knows I'm 
always right - I'm the one who is an expert with knives.  (ASCP)

"Fred Underwood" 
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09/02/2004 08:38 AM

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I wonder if the threat of going to histonet will work help in
disagreements with my wife?

>>> "Sarah Jones"  08/31/04 09:56PM >>>
Ah, this begs an ethical question.... should the histonet be used as a
threat to intimidate companies?
Is this an Us against Them mentality? 
Discuss amongst yourselves.   (a little "Coffee Talk" humor there for
you Saturday Night Live fans)
Oye Vey..................... Sarah

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>>> "Lucy Brooks"  8/31/2004 6:10:52 PM >>>

Speak your mind!!!
The Histonet is a powerful thing!!

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> Hello all,
> for once, I have, what I think is funny, is a short story. A couple
> months ago, I purchased a piece of equipment from a vendor (who will
> anonymous,  at this time at least). I was told it was 6 weeks for
> It's been over 8 weeks. I called the rep and left a voice mail
> can expect my equipment. S/he called me right back. I asked when I
> expect the equipment. Then I said "Don't make me go on the
> My techs started laughing and I couldn't keep a straight face. The
rep was
> all apologetic and promised me I'll have my equipment in 2 weeks.
Gee, I
> didn't think I was getting that bad. Maybe I should settle down a
> bit.
> Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
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> Pathology Reference Lab
> San Antonio, TX
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