[Histonet] Cerebral bleeds in mice - please hurry!


I've been asked to section mice brains to look for possible cerebral 
bleeds  - 
They're harvesting the brains intact - can anyone suggest the best way to 
bisect or trisect them after fixation to look for small hemorrhages?

I usually trisect transversely through the cerebellum, cerebral 
hemisphere, and olfactory bulb for routine looks at the brain, but is 
there a better method for looking for bleeds?  They should see evidence at 
necropsy, I hope - but if not, it's all me me me.

Suggestions PLEASE.

Jackie O'

P.S.  Good wishes to all you Floridians who may be impacted by Frances in 
the next 48 hours.  I hope your're not at work anymore.
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