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<< On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:06:29 +1300, "Rana Hay" 
 > Hello Histoneters,
 > The lab I work for in NZ is concidering buying a cassette printer.Any
 > advice? Who are the suppliers?
 > Also.I am interested in what medical use for the H&E stain .I have used
 > it in Virology, Histopathology,Andrology and seen it used in Cytology.Any
 > more ideas? >>

Hi Rana,

Go to Leica Microsystems' histology website and take a look at their cassette 
and slide printers.  The address is:


You can also contact Leica from this site or their homepage 
 for details on your local Leica rep agency.

Best regards,

Bob Chiovetti
GTI Microsystems
Leica Exclusive Regional Dealer
Desert Southwest Region USA

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