Re: [Histonet] AEC substrate for IHC

From:Gayle Callis

You cannot use any solvent to dehydrate, mount your coverslip from rinse
water with an aqueous mounting media - AquaMount from VWR, or any other
vendors product. Some people like liquid coverslip called Crystal Mount
placed directly over the section, allowed to dry, and after it is dry,
mount a permanent coverslip with regular toluene or xylene based mounting

Other companies have equivalents to all these mounting medias, you can shop
around or others will make suggestions. 

At 10:23 AM 9/21/2003 +0800, you wrote:
>hi, all histoneters,
>We can use ethanol to dehydrate and xylene to clear slides if we used DAB
as substrate in IHC. Since AEC is organically soluble, we can not use these
>I am wondering what reagents we should use and should we dehydrate and
clear AEC substrate slides?
>Baowei Peng
>Shanghai JiaoTong University,
>̨һ һͯ 
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