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One concern I have about your experiments is that a domestic mw oven is not
meant to be used with volatile, flammable chemicals. The lab versions are
well vented (most must be vented to a fume hood, or have a vent system over
the mw oven) and if intended for processing, are designed specifically to
prevent vapor ignition and explosion (for example with non-sparking
electronics and very strong door locks). Your home model has none of that
and may be extremely dangerous to use with a flammable chemical.

Tim Morken

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Subject: [Histonet] isopropanol as dehydrating agent in microwave processing

Dear Histonetter,
I am a new user of this email group. I am a resident doctor doing my thesis 
research on microwave fixation and processing in a moderately funded 
government laboratory in India. I am using a domestic microwave oven, as a 
lab oven is not affordable.
I have been able to use only isopropanol (IPA) in the microwave processing 
schedule as it is very difficult to get license for ethanol in India. I have

read lots of discouraging things that IPA should not be used as dehydrator, 
even in microwave method. I would like to hear from someone, regarding 
whether there is any way of making use of IPA both as dehydrator and 
clearing agent.
Pooja Chopra

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